Hill Top flower festivalThe Flower Festival weekend was a fabulous success. The theme of 'Kings and Queens' sparked a lot of interest as our arrangers used not only our own Kings and Queens for inspiration, but also monarchs from the bible.

The flower arrange-ments were wonderful, showing a lot of flair and imagination. We welcomed guests and viewers on Saturday, Sunday and Monday afternoons from all over the area, some travelling quite some miles. After viewing they enjoyed tea, coffee and a wonderful selection of cakes.

Hilltop reopens: Rev Yanyan preaching

We celebrated with Hill Top Methodist Church when they reopened their doors after renovations were completed following an outbreak of dry rot.  Months of hard work have taken place and after 4½ months months of being closed, worship and praise were ringing out again, with the door open so that all could hear.

Holiday Club games

What a privilege recently to be a part of Holiday Club at Holmes Chapel. Each day we welcomed up to about 25 children, from the age of 4 upwards. Some children we knew from Explorers, some from Messy Church, a number were our own grandchildren, a number had been last year and others were new to us.

Through the week we explored Luke’s gospel under the title of ‘Diary of a Disciple’. There were stories, sketches, videos, prayers and some very energetic songs with actions.

Games were played enthusiastically especially when the parachute was produced. Of course the children were always ready for a snack and drink mid morning and the adults were supplied with a much needed cuppa!

welcome to Rev Yanyan

The Circuit Welcome Service for our new minister, Revd Yanyan Case, was hosted by Biddulph Methodist Church. The singing was full and tremendous, the warmth of the welcome tangible, and the message preached by Revd Helen Kirk our District Chair was exceptional.

worship by zoomCOVID threw up many challenges and the first was that lack of opportunity to meet together for worship and fellowship. Thus was born our weekly Wednesday Worship session via Zoom.

We had a few technical challenges, mainly around transmitting music, but we soon had a large following of varying ages for this session that lasts about 35 minutes. Please join the session when you can, wherever you are.

Coming up soon . . .

Saturday 27 Jul 10.00am
Open Art Exhibition, Biddulph
Saturday 27 Jul 7.30pm
Biddulph Male Voice Choir in concert
Sunday 4 Aug 10.45am
Lwr Withington service with picnic
Sunday 1 Sep 6.30pm
Welcome new ministers