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JPIT have produced a briefing note in which they identify specific steps we can all take to reduce the carbon footprint.

Personal Steps, e.g. specific green energy providers you can swap to;

Church Steps, e.g.score your church overall, such as its management of buildings and land;

National Steps, e.g. join the campaign to get your MP to be a 'Hero for Zero';


archbishop welby

Research published by Prof. Linda Woodhead while she was at Lancaster University, examines the attitudes of Anglicans to faith. Much of the research seems to offer insights for other churches too.

The sizeable poll sample included both churchgoers and many others who simply call themselves Anglicans.

  • Most Anglicans' beliefs are very different from those of their leaders, e.g. re legalisation of same sex marriages and the ordination of women. Churchgoers are just as liberal as the population at large regarding personal morality, whereas their leadership are largely socially conservative.

church army

A report by the Church Army of the Anglican Church reports on a survey of the situations where (and, by implication, the reasons why) the Christian Church is alive and well amongst young adults (aged 25-34).  There are pointers here for other churches, such as the Methodist Church.

Survey Findings

  1. Attracting New Young Adult Worshippers: Where churches are managing to reach young adults with no previous church experience - and from a broad socio-economic background - they will more often see these young adults meeting around a dining table rather than in a church building, because the getting together for a meal is very important in creating community.

  2. Retaining Young People into Adulthood: Some larger churches with young adult congregations, gathering for a Sunday service alongside midweek groups, are effectively reaching out to middle class, well-educated young adults who previously attended church as children.

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