worship by zoomCOVID threw up many challenges and the first was that lack of opportunity to meet together for worship and fellowship. Thus was born our weekly Wednesday Worship session via Zoom.

We had a few technical challenges, mainly around transmitting music, but we soon had a large following of varying ages for this session that lasts about 35 minutes. Please join the session when you can, wherever you are.

We have some hymns; some prayers; a bible reading and a reflection from either Julia Tomes or Brian Donlon.

We expected this to be a short lived thing but even when we could meet face to face the group decided to continue to meet in this format. It has the advantage of people joining from wherever they are (e.g. on holiday) and certainly during the winter months, it means we do not have to worry about being out on cold, dark evenings.

We are particularly grateful to those who lead our prayers as well as our two local preachers who lead the reflections. After the meeting we are able to have a catch up of what is happening to various members within our group and within our wider fellowship.

Brian Donlon
[Reprinted from the Holmes Chapel Annual Report for 2022-23]

Coming up soon . . .

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