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Bramhall Methodist Church recently held a series of seminars entitled “Science & Prayer”.  This is Revd Philip Berry’s church.  The programme was heavily advertised with posters at Trinity and throughout the Circuit.

All sessions were videoed and these are now available.  If anyone is interested please contact Robin Quine of Trinity Methodist Church for details.



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Following a survey at Wellspring Church last year, a number of our congregation expressed an interest in exploring ways to better utilise our fantastic kitchen facilities.  We brought these folk together in September and, in a very positive meeting, concluded that any proposal that emerged must:

  • be sustainable,
  • have Christian input
  • focus on those with greatest need

The outcome was our weekly 9 'til Noon Drop, from Wednesday 22nd January. It is aimed at anyone in our community who is feeling vulnerable or in need of company.  We offer conversation, drinks and snacks (without charge) and have games, jigsaws etc available for those who would rather not just chat.





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The Marriage and Relationships Task Group presented a report to the 2019 Methodist Conference with recommendations about various issues to do with relationships in general and marriage in particular. Those recommendations are being submitted to the wider Church for consultation, with a final decision being made at the July 2020 Conference.

Summary from the Report

How can we best live in relationships today? We all live with a huge variety of relationships in our world; some closer and some more distant. Within our circles of friends, family and acquaintances, most of us will have at least some experience of conventional two-parent families, single parent families, cohabiting couples, single people, people who have divorced and re-married, same-sex partnerships, and many others.

Looking at these relationships raises questions about the nature of marriage, cohabitation, living in relationships and living with different sexualities.

For more details see their website:




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Congleton Memory Café in the Westwood House Coffee Area (round the corner from the coffee shop counter);  

Meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, 10 am to 12 noon;

This is an Alzheimer’s Society-run group.  Referrals are not needed, but please ring and introduce yourself or your carer first: Tel: 0300 3690570.

This is one of many regular activities which have been organised by Congleton Partnership to help local people feel part of their community.  All the activities are designed to be friendly for those living with dementia, and for their carers.




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The policy of the Methodist Church of Great Britain is described in the Managing Trustees’ Privacy Notice document describing in general terms how people’s privacy is respected and how their personal information is protected.

This web site handles personal information (text) and images of people.  Both are protected.  See the web site's policy for Protecting Personal Information.




Coming up soon . . .

Monday 27 Jan 7.30pm
God in Love Unites Us -- Consultation
Wednesday 29 Jan 7.00pm
God in Love Unites Us -- Presentations and Discussion
Thursday 30 Jan 7.30pm
God in Love Unites Us -- Consultation
Saturday 8 Feb 10.00am
God in Love Unites Us -- Consultation
Monday 10 Feb 10.00am
CTC Prayer Meetings
Saturday 22 Feb
Two Saints Way
Saturday 22 Feb 9.30am
We Are Men United 2020
Saturday 29 Feb 7.30pm
Concert with Audley Male Voice Choir
Monday 9 Mar 10.00am
CTC Prayer Meetings
Monday 9 Mar 7.30pm - Saturday 14 Mar
Trinity Operatic Society : The Full Monty