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25th May 2018, was the final date by which all organisations and individuals in the UK holding personal information about other people have to have defined how they will now protect that information in compliance with the EU's GDPR, to tell the people concerned how they now manage the personal information and to give people the chance to opt out.

For a summary of the key changes introduced by GDPR, see

In response to the new legal requirement, the Methodist Church has defined how it has changed the way it manages and protects people's personal information.  This is described in the document: Managing Trustees' Privacy Notice.




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How easily do you and people in your church talk about God and faith? 

Use the resources in the freshly redesigned pages of
the Methodist Church web site. 

For details, see leaflet

Footnote: The leaflet is displayed sideways but you can rotate it your browser.




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The Church in action on the streets.

Pastors Wanted to serve one evening a month on a rota basis.

Contact Rev Andrew Lindley or Anne Argent. For details see flier.



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Some of our party in 2010 were disappointed that our allocated seats in the auditorium were towards the rear and not ideal for viewing or hearing the performance, largely because we booked late when most of the better seats had been allocated. We will not make this mistake again, and we have registered our interest in a package with two ABTA bonded Travel Companies, with firm bookings not required until late 2018/early 2019. 

At this stage, we are simply seeking to identify folk who MIGHT be interested in joining us. 

See information sheet




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The Circuit is very keen to publicise its services and events. Part of that mission is to produce posters to inform and encourage our members to attend and share these special occasions.

If you are interested in designing and producing posters for these events please contact the Circuit Office.




Coming up soon . . .

Tuesday 17 Jul 8.00am
Trinity Prayer Breakfast
Friday 20 Jul 2.00pm - Saturday 28 Jul
Mining for God
Friday 27 Jul 2.00pm - Saturday 4 Aug
Mining for God
Friday 3 Aug 2.00pm - Saturday 11 Aug
Mining for God
Sunday 5 Aug 6.00pm
Biddulph - Big Sing
Sunday 12 Aug 6.00pm
Lower Withington Social & Fundraiser
Saturday 25 Aug 2.00pm
Afternoon Tea at Trinity
Friday 31 Aug - Saturday 1 Sep
BIBLE WEEKEND - Rediscovering Joy
Friday 31 Aug - Saturday 1 Sep
Congleton Bible Weekend
Saturday 1 Sep 10.00am
Trinity Coffee Morning