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Davenport drive-in leaflet

Since many people are now meeting in person for worship, the Drive-in service at Davenport now takes place on just the second Sunday of each month, at 2.30pm.  It is open to anyone in the Circuit who would like to come along.

See the News story about how it came about and how it was organised at the height of the covid pandemic.


[Posted 31/01/21; Updated]
















Coming up soon . . .

Tuesday 30 Nov 11.00am
Being more Dementia-Friendly: webinar
Saturday 4 Dec 10.00am
Nativity Display Brookhouse Green
Sunday 5 Dec 6.30pm
Drive-in Carol Service, Congleton
Sunday 19 Dec 2.30pm
Carol Cafe service at Brookhouse Green
Sunday 30 Jan 10.45am
Davenport: Bacon Butty Church