Arranging a funeral at a Methodist Church

Coping with such a sad time

Funerals are difficult occasions and the church can help.  Our main concern is to provide support for those who are suffering loss.  A Christian service will allow you to say goodbye to someone you love, and to celebrate and give thanks for their life.

Steps to take and how we can help
The funeral directors will usually co-ordinate the arrangements for you, including making the contact with the minister.  The Minister will then come and see you to discuss the kind of funeral you would like. The Minister can help you with music, possible readings and other details, as well as supporting you. 

We hope that the care offered will help at a very difficult time in your life. This applies not just at the time of the funeral and the time leading up to it: often the hardest times come after the funeral has taken place. Please do not hesitate to contact the Minister again at any time if you would like someone (either the Minister or a Pastoral Visitor) to come and see you.