Getting married in a Methodist church

Please contact the minister who has pastoral care over the church where you wish to have the wedding and (s)he will be pleased to discuss your needs.

How do I arrange a wedding?

First approach the minister of the church where you wish to be married. He/She will meet with you, and discuss what is involved and help to make arrangements.

As part of the legal process, prospective couples will need to go to the Register Office where they live, to register their intention to get married. The minister will give you the details you need to take with you.  

Do I have to be a Methodist?

People wanting to marry in a Methodist church don’t have to be members of that church.

A church marriage may well have its relaxed and lighter moments but it is a moment of dedication to each other. Most ministers will want to know that you are comfortable about making promises along the lines set out in the marriage service. It is important that when you say these things you've thought about them and really mean them.

Do I have to come to church before the wedding?

No, but you will be warmly welcomed if you do!  It’s also a different feel to be married in a church where you know you belong.  Besides that, being a Christian is a good basis for a life together!

Can I ask people from other churches to be involved in the service?

Usually yes.  Please talk to the church minister about it.

What if one person is divorced, or both?

Speak to the minister about this. The Methodist Church is generally willing to marry people who have been divorced, including when their previous spouse is still alive, as long as there are not major, obvious reasons why it would be inappropriate to do so.

There are a very few ministers who will never marry someone who has been divorced, but in such cases the minister will refer the couple to a colleague who is prepared to perform the marriage.

Does the Methodist Church undertake same-sex marriages and bless civil partnerships?

The Methodist Church, in common with many other Churches, is currently going through a consultation process considering whether it will allow this.  At the moment it is not possible.