Baptism (Christening) at a Methodist Church

Please contact the minister who has pastoral care over the church where you wish to have the Baptism/Christening and (s)he will be pleased to discuss your needs.

How do I get a child baptised in a Methodist church?

Parents wishing to have their children baptised should get in touch with a local Methodist minister who will meet with them and explain what’s involved. This may involve parents being willing to undertake a number of instruction sessions.

Baptism marks entry into the universal Christian Church, of which the Methodist Church is a part. Methodist churches, like most Christian Churches, are happy to perform baptisms for both adults and children.

When do baptisms take place?

Almost always, the baptism will take place during a normal Sunday Service.  The service includes a welcome into the worshipping community. The service will usually be taken by a Minister, so give plenty of notice to arrange a date, as (s)he will not be at the church every week, and not all Sundays will be suitable.

Does someone baptised in a Methodist church need to be 'confirmed' later?

In the Methodist Church, baptism as an infant is normally followed by confirmation and reception into church membership when the person is ready.  Typically, this is when people are in their mid-teens or older. There is no upper age limit!

How much does it cost?

Our Christian life and faith is a free gift to us from God. Therefore, so is baptism. There is no charge.

How do different Christian churches view baptism?

There is just one baptism, which is recognised by all the mainstream Christian Churches.