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Every few weeks there is a special service to celebrate Holy Communion.  The celebration of Holy Communion is one of the most significant parts of worship for many Christians.

All are welcome

To take communion, it is not necessary to be a member of the Methodist Church, or be a particular age, or qualify in any way beforehand.

Don't feel you need to know all the answers for your discipleship journey either.
Simply come to the Lord’s Table.....

> With an attitude of respect for God and for other worshippers,
> At peace with others as far as it is within your power, and
> Ready to remember and thank God for all that has been done for us in Jesus Christ.

We pray that together we will encounter God in a real and transforming way. 
Many people find themselves brought really close to God in these moments.

Practical Matters

In the Methodist Church you will always be offered non-alcoholic wine at Holy Communion.  This creates a safe space for everyone to be able to participate.

If you prefer, you do not need to receive bread and wine.  Simply keep your hands by your sides and the minister will offer you a prayer for God’s blessing.