leading worship

In the Methodist Church, worship is led by a preacher who can be either an appointed 'Minister' (vicar / priest / presbyter) or a trained volunteer (known in Methodism as a Local Preacher).   The person who leads worship on any particular occasion varies [see Circuit Team below].

Both ministers and local preachers may be assisted by trained Worship Leaders, who work within a particular church community.

Ministers, Local Preachers, Worship Leaders, in fact all roles in the Methodist Church, are played equally by both men and women.

The Congregation plays an active part within the worship, primarily with music but also in joining in the atmosphere of worship.

Circuit Team : Each church has one minister who is responsible for the pastoral care of members of the congregation.  However, this minister is just one of a Circuit Team sharing responsibility for leading worship across the churches of the Circuit.  The person responsible for any particular service in every church in the Circuit is publicised in the Circuit Preaching Plan.