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Church Services

For details of particular services and special arrangements on specific dates, see the Circuit's  Preaching Plan.

Rood Lane
Sunday Worship 2.30 pm
every  other Sunday
regular activities Regular Activities Rood Lane
Coffee and Chat
10.00 - 11.30am 1st Friday of the month.  Following the Covid restrictions, restart date to be arranged.
Friendly Faces 09.00 - 05.00pm Friendly Faces Nursery Group  use the building daily.

Rood Lane Events

Awaiting event entry

Coming up soon . . .

Sunday 24 Oct 4.00pm
EDI Discussions
Saturday 30 Oct 10.00am
A Day to Remember
Sunday 31 Oct 10.45am
Davenport: Bacon Butty Church
Sunday 31 Oct 3.00pm
MWiB 10th Birthday
Sunday 7 Nov 7.00pm
God's Good Earth and COP26
Monday 8 Nov 10.00am
CTC Prayer Meeting
Sunday 30 Jan 10.45am
Davenport: Bacon Butty Church