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Event: Being more Dementia-Friendly: webinar
Date: Tuesday, 30 November 2021, 11:00 - 12:30
Location: your personal choice

The Connexional Team are organising a web-based seminar (webinar) entitled "Making Our Churches More Dementia-Friendly.

Topics will include:

  • Dementia awareness;
  • Practical tips for making churches more welcoming and "dementia friendly";
  • The theology of personhood and dementia;
  • Information on safeguarding people with dementia, including the church's sometimes unique opportunity to keep a loving, watchful eye on vulnerable people with dementia within their congregations;
  • The risk of financial abuse and legal implications;
  • Positive examples of Methodist Churches who are already running successful services or activities for people with dementia;

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Extra Info:

Does Chester and Stoke on Trent District have a weekly or monthly email newsletter that we could advertise this opportunity in? I am really keen that this be advertised widely across the Connexion because I think it is such a good chance to inspire our churches to work to help people with dementia. I feel this topic is broader than just safeguarding and very important. I would be grateful for any help you can give, e.g the email address of the person who produces the District newsletter if there is one?


Created By: Neil Munro
Contact: Kate Little, | Safeguarding Casework Supervisor, The Connexional Team, 07854 247 546 [Direct Line]