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Event: Protest, People, Politics – Methodists, Mow Cop & Social Change
Date: Saturday, 07 September 2019, 11:00 -  4:00
Location: National Trust Mow Cop Castle site

The National Trust (NT) have a national programme titled ‘People’s Landscapes’ which will explore outdoor landscapes where people came together to seek dramatic social change.

Mow Cop has been identified as a landscape that meets these criteria and has been granted National Trust North regional funding in order to promote this landscape and share the story and significance of Mow Cop to the Primitive Methodism movement with the local community and visitors to Mow Cop.

The Methodist Church at Mow Cop, The Englesea Brook Primitive Methodist Museum, Methodist Connexional Heritage Office and The National Trust are aiming to work in partnership to organise an event to promote the NT People’s Landscapes Programme and raise the profile of the Methodist Church within the local and wider community.

The event celebrates the Primitive Methodist Camp meetings at Mow Cop featuring a historian, singers, poet, pop up speakers.

The Methodist Church at Mow Cop will be the venue for refreshments, and will also host a short heritage tour and talk with a possible exhibition of Primitive Methodism.

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Created By: Neil Munro
Contact: National Trust