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Event: Holmes Chapel Journey to the First Christmas
Date: Friday, 07 December 2018,  6:00 -  8:00
Location: Church

As with any trip, planning needs to start now
Task 1 Do I need to book a place? Yes (please see details below)
Task 2 What shall I take? Travel light, the journey is free
Task 3 What shall I wear? Maybe just my ordinary clothes but maybe you might like to dress from a person in the Christmas story, angels might be good too.

Each journey, in groups of ten, will start every 10 minutes. The journey will last about an hour with a break at the inn. All are welcome - Come by yourself, with family or friends. Book your journey either by signing the form displayed on the notice board in the top corridor at Holmes Chapel Methodist Church or email Dorothy Davidson.

Extra Info:

Will Herod try and bribe me?
What could I make with the carpenter or the potter?
Will the Kings ask me to help them find gold?
Mary rode on a donkey? Will there be a donkey for me to stroke?
What story will the shepherds tell?


Created By: Brian Donlon
Contact: Dorothy Davidson