Setting off from Cloud Chapel on a commemorative walk for Hugh Bourne In celebration of the 250th birthday of Hugh Bourne at Cloud, we began with a walk via some of the farmhouses where Hugh Bourne preached before Cloud chapel was built. Along the route we visited an old Baptist burial area, predating the Primitive Methodists.

Children and adults enjoyed listening to interesting information about the farming families who opened their homes to Hugh Bourne.  Those families included the Dakin/Deakin family. We heard about one occasion when a funeral was held at Woodhouse Green Farm, so many people crowded into the farmhouse parlour that the floor collapsed and they all found themselves in the cellar!

Rev. Nic leading the service for Boys Brigade volunteersWe are delighted to see our very own Rev Nic Langton-Miller being part of the recognition service for Boys' Brigade adult volunteers.  She was one of the Boys' Brigade chaplains who led the service at All Saints, Childwall, Liverpool.

Boys' Brigade leaders from across the Liverpool Region gathered at All Saints Church to recognise the service of the adult volunteer community.

The service was led by Boys' Brigade chaplains from across the Battalion and long service awards were presented by the Boys' Brigade Director of Operations, Natalie Whipday, and the North West District President, Alan McLoughlin.

Many thanks to all the adult volunteer leaders.

not just to survive but to thrive

JPIT have produced a briefing note in which they identify specific steps we can all take to reduce the carbon footprint.

Personal Steps, e.g. specific green energy providers you can swap to;

Church Steps, e.g.score your church overall, such as its management of buildings and land;

National Steps, e.g. join the campaign to get your MP to be a 'Hero for Zero';


JPIT logoJPIT (The Joint Public Issues Team) has created a briefing note about the cost of living crisis.  It summarises the problems and actions taken to date, and describes "Ideas for action now and in the months to come". 

Changes are also being introduced by The Trussel Trust and others:

"One of the church’s partners in providing foodbanks, the Trussell Trust, has made the decision that its ultimate aim as a charity should not be to feed people, but to work with others in order to end the need for foodbanks. Mass emergency food provision should not be needed in a wealthy nation. Many other charities are reorientating in the same way, and churches have important contributions to make in this change."

See the full briefing note.


archbishop welby

Research published by Prof. Linda Woodhead while she was at Lancaster University, examines the attitudes of Anglicans to faith. Much of the research seems to offer insights for other churches too.

The sizeable poll sample included both churchgoers and many others who simply call themselves Anglicans.

  • Most Anglicans' beliefs are very different from those of their leaders, e.g. re legalisation of same sex marriages and the ordination of women. Churchgoers are just as liberal as the population at large regarding personal morality, whereas their leadership are largely socially conservative.

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Saturday 27 Jul 10.00am
Open Art Exhibition, Biddulph
Saturday 27 Jul 7.30pm
Biddulph Male Voice Choir in concert
Sunday 4 Aug 10.45am
Lwr Withington service with picnic
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