storehouse foodbank: crates of suppliesWellspring is one of the churches in the Circuit and around the town actively supporting the Congleton Foodbank. Typically, this involves gathering and delivering food to the food bank. As I have a friend who works there, I asked Rev. Nic if I should check out what they might be short of and what they had in plentiful supply. My inquiry led to an invitation to pop up there and see how they operate and to best see how we could fill in some of the gaps.

Having looked in on several occasions previously, I thought I would already be familiar with how the system works. I was fascinated to learn how wrong I was and to discover the kind of helpful resources that go out with the parcels, plus exceptional BAGS OF JOY that go out to their customers to help them celebrate special events.

To help inspire recipients, each week they send out MEAL IDEAS: recipe ideas for what people can create out of what they have in their parcels. They can also supply a great little book by Jack Monroe called TIN CAN COOK, again full of great recipe ideas for all the family.

Storehouse Foodbank: goodies for the Easter Bags of JoyAnother delight was learning about the EASTER BAGS OF JOY they are putting together for their customers (following on from the CHRISTMAS BAGS OF JOY that were so well received in December).

Storehouse Foodbank: Easter story bookTogether with Easter Eggs and Easter-related chocolate and sweet goodies, each bag will contain a copy of THE EASTER STORY, written by J. John and aimed at young primary school children.

If you haven’t done so already, I do encourage everyone in or near Congleton to help fill up some crates in readiness for the most wonderful celebration in our Christian calendar.

When I visited on 23rd February the collection had just begun. How amazing it would be to see tablefuls of EASTER BAGS OF JOY ready to be sent out in love showing the true meaning of Easter, to be read and understood through this little book.

If you would like to donate, and to know which items are in shorter supply, then see how you might help.

Please uphold in prayer, individuals and families who would be struggling to put food on the table, plus the amazingly dedicated Storehouse staff and the generosity of all those who donate.

[Photos and text, Judith Mayer]

Storehouse Foodbank: loading up for a deliveryOn Sunday 28th February a trailer waited patiently outside Revd Nic’s manse for food donations to the Storehouse food bank. The trailer didn’t wait long thanks to neighbours and others from Wellspring. By noon the trailer was half full. The trailer then travelled to Wellspring where friends from the church and local community came and filled it and half of Revd Nic’s car with food donations. By the time Revd Nic left the drive-in service at Davenport her car and trailer looked like this! Yes the back seats are flat and the food donations are piled high!

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed. Storehouse were really appreciative of the donations and a huge number of families can be supported with the donated items. God bless you all.

Nic Langton-Miller

[From an article in Congleton Contact magazine]

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