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Over the years since my retirement I have become profoundly deaf. As with all life-experiences it has taught me something new – although maybe I should have known already.

The blind are treated with great consideration and kindness - and rightly so. The deaf are treated as if they are stupid. Their lack of comprehension is treated as if they have lost their marbles, whereas they have just not heard.

I remember taking my mother-in-law shopping in the supermarket. She was very deaf and the person on the till would almost invariably speak to me and treat her as if she was totally clueless. She got very frustrated. 

The Labyrinth is designed for young and old alike, uses a mixture of contemplative words and contemporary ambient music, with meditations, art, media, activities and symbols at intervals along the path to help guide the spiritual traveller.  But what's it all about?

The Classical Prayer Labyrinth

A labyrinth, unlike a maze and regardless of how confusing it looks, has only one twisting path that weaves its way to the centre and back out again.  There is only one entrance and exit, no dead ends, and no crossing of paths that would give a choice of which way to turn.

The Romans adapted the ancient labyrinth symbol as a decorative floor pattern, and the Christian artists and thinkers of mediaeval times developed the Roman pattern into a new and beautiful form which was used as a feature in many cathedrals. 

Some argue that faith is rarely the cause of violence.  They would say that what religion does is absorb the violence of the society in which it finds itself.  

On that basis, the Qur'an reflects the brutal tribal warfare that afflicted Arabia in the early 7th Century.  Jewish settlers in the occupied territories of Palestine can find plenty of textual authority to kill all non Jewish occupants of the Holy Land.  Christians have and have had no problem using their 'violent God' traditions to justify going to war, killing Jews and persecuting gay people.

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