global warming temperature graph
Changing global tempertaures over 150 years

Some Christians are not yet convinced that responding to the peril of climate change is central to their faith. Yet as Climate change continues, it is the poorest in our world who will suffer the most, and so for Christians this is an issue of justice.

Genesis 1-11 presents us with the picture of God the creator and covenant maker. The Psalms develop this further and express creation's praise (cf. Psalm 19; 104).

The Prophets describe human rebellion in breaking the covenant and the resulting destruction of creation (see Isaiah 24).

Nottingham Christians visit Albania
Charles Vickers of Wellpring Church, front left

Charles Vickers of Wellspring Church, Congleton, joined a team of Nottingham University students and UCCF staff who flew to Albania for two weeks.

We spent time preparing in the capital, Tirana, before travelling to the summer camp in Pogradec. About 60 students attended.

After breakfast we split into groups for Bible studies, aimed at those who were seeking to know who Jesus is and what the gospel actually is. Then we'd have conversational English lessons.

After lunch there was free time, then in the evening we had a talk and a short worship time.  On the last night we did a presentation about British culture and the Albanians presented theirs through songs and sketches.

in connexion

'Connexion' is a peculiarly Methodist word dating back to the days before English spelling had been standardized.  It referred to the people who were connected to John Wesley in the network of relationships which ultimately became the Methodist Church.

The emerging Methodist 'societies', which were then firmly focused on John Wesley himself, are now centralized on the Methodist Conference, the Church’s ruling body.

All Methodist ministers are brought into ‘Full Connexion’ with the Methodist Conference, which authorizes their ordination and enables them to act as ministers of the Methodist Church as opposed to any other.


I remember once talking with a Pakistani bishop who was amazed how many versions of the Bible there are in English. He said that to have more than one in his own language would be a weapon in the hands of those who wanted to mock the Christian faith. They would demand to know which version was the actual Word of God. Only one could be right!

But we do have a choice. For many people the selection of a Bible version is purely random but it is better to make an informed choice. Which translation are we to choose? Which is the closest to the original Hebrew or Greek? Do we want a literal translation or a paraphrase? Is it for devotional or study purposes?

chess men

One sunny summer afternoon, George and Billy met on a park bench.  Billy was blind.  He carried a white stick and looked up vacantly, unfocused, into the sky until he heard George’s voice asking him if he minded if he sat down on the bench alongside him.

They got into conversation. ‘I enjoy a game of chess', said Billy, rather to his new friend’s surprise.

They played on a pocket chess set; they talked and were only quiet when Billy holding the layout of the board in his head worked out his next move.

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