map of dworp, belgium

I wonder whether you could find Dworp on a map. It is quite a small Belgian village.

I travelled there with the Revd Keith Hurt, who was then in charge of the University chaplains throughout the Connexion. He picked me out as his travelling companion because of my 'well-known language skills'.

We crossed the Channel with his camper van and spent the first night parked in the car park at Calais harbour.  The following day we drove across the north of France and Belgium on a kind of pilgrimage.  The thread we were following was to see the paintings of Jan van Eyck in Bruges, Ghent and Antwerp, before going to a Conference of University Chaplains from across Europe.

dworp belgium : street scene

We met in a Youth Hostel called Destelheide. It was a very comfortable modern building where I shared a room with a young East German pastor. It was at the time (1976) considered a real coup for three or four chaplains from the DDR (East Germany) to be allowed out. It transpired that each had left a wife and children behind, who were considered to be a guarantee that they would return home.

However, the divisions in Europe, the Iron curtain and other frontiers were reflected in the little village of Dworp. The tarmac road stopped half way across the entrance to Destelheide. The road that had been surfaced belonged to the Flemish part of the village. The unsurfaced part of the road belonged to the Walloons (the French-speaking people of Belgium).

There was so little agreement that the villagers could not come to a mind about completing the road surface! Destelheide was right on the line which effectively divided the village in two. So the tarmac stopped there. We were there in conference to talk about European boundaries and there was one in the gateway of the hostel! It gave a certain irony to the discussions!

John Taylor

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