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climate crisis: earth eater, sky polluterAt a recent Circuit meeting,
Mark Owens gave a presentation about the Climate Emergency.  Revd Yvonne has asked for this theme to be put on every church council agenda. Some of our preachers will be following the theme for chosen church services.

Read Mark's reflections
on the subject


COP26 took place in Glasgow from 31st October to 12th November, plus some over-run!  For a 3-minute briefing on what COP26 was about and why our churches have become involved, see the video produced by JPIT:

[Posted 18/10/21;  Updated]



Coming up soon . . .

Tuesday 30 Nov 11.00am
Being more Dementia-Friendly: webinar
Saturday 4 Dec 10.00am
Nativity Display Brookhouse Green
Sunday 5 Dec 6.30pm
Drive-in Carol Service, Congleton
Sunday 19 Dec 2.30pm
Carol Cafe service at Brookhouse Green
Sunday 30 Jan 10.45am
Davenport: Bacon Butty Church