Climate Emergency: A Position Statement and a Plea
From Mark Owens of Wellspring Church

climate crisis: In the beginning God created the Heavens...    climate crisis: The Heavens declare the glory of God

I look, read, and hear that destruction seems near,
Arable land turning to desert,
Sandy beaches gone to rising tides,
Ice caps, so mighty, slip and drown,
Plunge habitats deep, deep, down.

Waste, throw away, discard,
But not in my backyard,
Out of sight, out of mind,
But it is destroying mankind.

Pollution, filth, choking the skies,
Invisible killers in disguise,
But money talks with energy decisions.
Politics and power, greed and ease
Cause a 'carry on', but not a funny one.

There is a need for action, but not in 2050.
Starting today we have to be thrifty
With the precious Earth creation,
Protecting resources across every nation,
Given to us to enjoy, and share,
But for how long? That is a question.

Solar, winds, there are solutions from above
As people gather in Glasgow for COP26.
Say a prayer, that our planet is given love,
Have a look on-line about how you can fix,
How you can preserve and protect.
Together, we can make a difference,
Together we can be the change,
Just act soon before it is too late.
Let's talk 'green' again and make it a date.

Many thanks for reading these thoughts of mine.
As a Circuit we can do great things.
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