Updating the Web Site  — How-to Guides

For Registered Users

The web pages for Dane and Trent Circuit are supported by a 'Content Management System' (CMS) called Joomla.  The main point about a CMS is that it can enable people other than a 'web master' to update particular pages in a controlled, safer way.  (Registration and training are required first.)  So, for example, it is possible for a member of a Circuit church to publish a story about an event that has taken place at their church or to change the details about the clubs and regular activities in the church.

Training Topic Areas

There are various training areas, each with one or more training packages.  With Joomla, a web page or blog entry is called an Article, and a notification about a 'happening' that is planned to take place is called an EventArticles and Events can be much enhanced when pictures are included with the textIn addition to pictures included in Articles and Events, there is a Photo Gallery on the web site, where church life can be shown in pictures with supporting text.  There is a distinct training topic on creating and preparing Photographs to produce images on the web page that are appropriate and have high impact.

Articles Background and Context: creating a good Article PDF icon
  Step-by-Step Guide for Articles
(See also Protecting personal information)
PDF icon
  Check-list of things to do: security, consistency etc PDF icon
Events Background and Context: creating a good Event PDF icon
  Step-by-Step Guide for Events
(See also Protecting personal information)
PDF icon
  Adding images to Events PDF icon
Gallery Step-by-Step Guide for the Photo Gallery PDF icon
Photographs Understanding digital photographs PDF icon
  Getting good photos PDF icon
  Editing images using Picasa (freeware) PDF icon
  Editing images using Paint Shop Pro (freeware) PDF icon
  Protecting personal information using an image editor PDF icon


All of the training packages listed above are in industry-standard PDF format.  They range in size from 0.1MB to 2.0MB.  If you need a PDF reader you can get Adobe Acrobat Reader free for Windows or Apple Mac systems from https://get2.adobe.com/reader/.