Make Sure our Web Pages
Are Attractive and Interesting

Join in and Lend a Hand
To specify, build and maintain an interesting and relevant website requires many skills, so we are always looking for help in updating, improving and developing the Circuit website, which provides a platform to inform, support and promote the activities of the Circuit and its member churches. If you have a connection with a church in the Circuit, you could enjoy making an impact by playing a role in one or more of the areas mentioned below.  Please contact the web site team.
Rob Lilley 

Taking good quality photographs and making them suitable for publication using readily available tools.

We are always looking for interesting and inspiring images or perhaps you are able to generate something exciting yourself!
News Gathering
You probably do this on a personal basis already but maybe you will hear of something that could be of interest to others and you could write
a brief story about it, or find something already written that could be adapted.
Creating Other Content
Perhaps you have (or someone you know has) a hobby or knowledge of a particular subject, and one of you could write a short article that would be interesting for others to read.
Editing Supplied Material
Sometimes publication of submitted material (words and pictures) requires some further work to make it suitable for publication. In co-operation with the original author maybe you could help meet the requirement.
Our Content Management System
We've made updating of web pages easier and  enabled a range of contributors to make certain changes safely for themselves. We need help from existing and new content providers to help people prepare materials for publication.
Improving the Site's Effectiveness
We are always keen to understand how the website is used, reviewing visitor statistics and improving the relevance of the site to people near and far.
There's nothing worse than a website that contains broken links, missing pictures or spelling mistakes. Critical review and testing following updates, and trial of new features, helps us to maintain a high presentational quality. Perhaps you can spot things that have been missed!